The Demise of the Platform Heels.

For all the petite girls out there, unfortunately the days of platform heels seem to have come to an end. Trends have shown that society is reverting back to the classic Manolo Blahnik style heel. Classy and lady like. I, myself, am only 5′ 2″ so ladies I understand your pain but lets be honest here those crazy 5.5 inch heels may have made us taller but trying to make them look classy at times was kind of a struggle. This is not to say that we should ban platform heels from our closets, since fashion just like history tends to repeat itself, but that we should invest in more classy and comfortable heels. These types of shoes are extremely versatile, find the right pair and they can literally be all you wear. So, let the hunt begin.



P.S  Style trends clearly point to the revival and revamping of Sex and the City fashions. So girls, take this freezing New York weekend to enjoy a glass of wine and a Sex and the City marathon.


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